Schematic Design

Level of Detail - 01 SD

Service Overview

  • Floor plans, elevations, and sections are dimensionally accurate in the X, Y and Z directions. 
  • Walls will be represented by Structural component only with no finishes. 
  • All Doors and Windows will be represented generically with correct location, size and head height, but will not reflect true rough opening dimensions. 
  • Floor systems and Roofs will be represented with true thickness of main structural component only.
  • Roofs will be modeled with correct roof pitches, heel heights, cantilevers, and overhangs.
  • Stairs and Railings will be generic but correct rise and run of stairs will be modeled to ensure clearances for the design are met. 
  • Schedules will be in all deliverable LODs, but more parameters will populate the schedules as the model progresses. 
  • Generic Sheets will contain basic views for QC purposes only with minimal annotation.

What We Do

Archidiem is solving the massive digital content creation challenge of offsite construction. We provide a fast and accurate path from design, bidding, manufacturing, and all the way to construction.