Estimating Services

Estimating & Quantity Take Off

Archidiem provides full take-off and estimating services for residential, multifamily, and commercial projects.  Using planswift and other proprietary tools, the Archidiem team can help manage project budgets, sub-contractors, labor costs, site allocation for material and project schedules.

Our team has provided a sample project below with examples of the outputs that include a Waste Percentage Worksheet & Materials Summary, layouts utilizing construction logic, and options reporting.

Sample Scope Includes: Concrete, CMU, framing, drywall, insultation, interior trim, cabinets & countertops, exterior siding, roofing, windows & doors, interior finishes, and more. 

View Sample Project Below

All reporting outputs will be generated automatically with each order.

What We Do

Archidiem is solving the massive digital content creation challenge of offsite construction. We provide a fast and accurate path from design, bidding, manufacturing, and all the way to construction.