Pre-Construction Solutions

Archidiem’s Pre-Construction Solutions

The Archidiem team has decades of experience in the construction industry. Archidiem was formed by experts vested in creating solutions that answer the demands of the industry and transform construction through pioneering technology. Over the last three years, Archidiem has developed tools and expanded services to better serve professionals engaged in the pre-construction process. After all, setting the stage for desirable results at the beginning of the construction process is more effective. Read more below to find out the benefits of Archidiem pre-construction services.

Who We Serve

Archidiem serves construction industry professionals, including:

  • Volume Builders  
  • Custom Builders
  • Architects/Designers  
  • Suppliers  
  • Purchasing Professionals

Our tools and services are designed to assist in residential, multi-family, commercial, and high-rise projects. Archidiem can help industry professionals manage project budgets, sub-contractors, labor costs, site allocation for material, and project schedules.

Services & Tools 

Clients can use many services and tools to streamline the pre-construction process. Our ever-expanding list of services currently includes:

Archidiem Services

Component Design

Archidiem, LLC is your one-stop shop for component design outsourcing. Whether you need support on a few projects or would like to supplement your design team with our experienced service group, you will find no better quality or faster turnaround for your component design projects.

Our team of experts is well-versed in a roof truss, floor truss, and wall panel designs. In addition, the team is capable of designing in the most popular industry platforms to serve manufacturers and builders efficiently.   

Estimating & Quantity Take Offs

Archidiem provides comprehensive estimating and take-off services for residential, multi-family, commercial, and high-rise projects. An advantage of using our estimating services is that Archidiem’s team understands construction logic and how materials should be applied in the field. Deliverables clients can expect when selecting estimating services include: 

  • Waste Percentage Worksheet
  • Materials Summary
  • Layouts available using construction logic
    • Concrete/Block Layout
    • Hardware Layout
    • Framing Layout
    • Header Layout
    • Column Layout
    • Window & Door Layout
    • Trim Layout
    • Drywall Layout
    • Roof/Soffit Layout
    • Siding & Trim Layout
  • Options Reporting

The Archidiem team not only delivers outputs that allow flexibility, but each client’s construction and purchasing approach and capabilities are considered before developing the estimate. This process ensures that minimal adjustments will be necessary after completion.  

Revit Design

Revit modeling has been popular in construction for a while; however, only some have made the best use of this technology. Archidiem can help you convert your 2D drawings into a full three-dimensional product. Archidiem offers a comprehensive range of BIM services to a global clientele across multiple construction disciplines, including architecture, structure, MEPF, and other mechanical disciplines. Our team offers different levels of design completion depending on client needs, including schematic design, design development, and construction documents.  


The RoofCreator® is an Autodesk Revit plug-in that provides roof plans in minutes by simply inputting wall heights and the desired roof pitch. The tool also allows designers to create multiple elevations in minutes. This tool eliminates hours from design times and automatically resolves any pitch or connectivity incompatibilities. To learn more about RoofCreator®, check out the demo below:

Archidiem Manages Projects for You!

Archidiem’s client portal is user-friendly and allows client’s to submit projects anytime, anywhere. The platform also provides instant quotes and turnaround times. To take advantage of our project management, follow these simple steps:  

Step 1: Register at this Link

Step 2: Confirm

Step 3: Log in

Step 4: Add projects.  

Step 5: Manage projects.  

Once the project is uploaded, you can share it with any team member, and they can also upload projects. It is a great way to stay communicative with your building team and allow everyone to simultaneously remain active on the project. For more on how to use Archidiem’s Client Portal, watch the video below:

 The vision of simplifying these processes from beginning through construction is now a reality with a team focused on leveraging technology for time and cost savings. Archidiem’s dedicated team is devoted to evolving with the industry’s demands and technology’s capabilities. We take pride in serving our clients in the building industry and encourage you to stay tuned for future innovations.

Improve your performance and take advantage of our services an tools today by scheduling a private consultation or demo.

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